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Burned 2: Deadly Devotion, Volume 1 (The Burned Series)

Where do you run when there is no place to hide?

Inferno. Once a bustling lounge for pleasure-seeking clients and exotic escorts, now festers as a feeding ground for killers. Another murderer is on the hunt and women are falling prey. This one is hungry to protect the lounge even if it means spilling innocent blood. It seems there is no one there to help. Except for Kimberly Lawson. After almost becoming a victim herself, she vowed to save these women…even if it means she could be next. Kenneth Johnson refuses to let that happen. Wanting to protect Kimberly, his love for her helps him see the bigger picture and she’s in deep trouble. Malcolm Johnson won’t be fooled a second time. Struggling with his own brush with death, he sets his sights on a suspect. When Inferno calls, all three step up hoping to put an end to the murders. When lives collide and death once again beacons them… they are changed forever. From the author of the Prohibited series and Burned: Deadly Desires comes a sequel where the heat is turned up and everyone could be next.

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"I have been writing for over a decade and enjoy bringing the characters in my head to you."

The Prohibited Trilogy

Maxine never wanted love. After an abusive relationship, she couldn't see herself falling in love with another man. But then she meets Michael and everything changes. She fights her emotions but it seems she isn't strong enough. Michael feels the same. After his philandering ways, the last thing on his mind was falling for someone. But when love happens...

However, they encounter many characters in their lives that feel their love is a sham. Maxine and Michael’s love has been tested. They have been through lies, infatuation and broken marriages. Will it survive or will lust and betrayal pull the lovers apart forever?

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As an avid reader and writer, I enjoy getting lost in the pages of a book and I hope that you get lost in the worlds that I create. On this YouTube Channel, I take you into the lives of my characters and their worlds. You will be entertained, you will be thoroughly ravaged...yet satisfied.

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On my Blog, "The Manic Red Apple" I talk about writing, life and how to stay productive when there is so much to overwhelm us. I discuss the good days as well as the bad and keep you updated on my books and my progress.

My Books

Your next best read is here. Check out my library of books and stay tuned for what I have in store next. Coming 2024 and 2025 new books are arriving!

About Me

A spicy romance, romantic suspense and romantic suspense murder mystery writer, blogger, short story writer, youtuber and speaker, Donnée Patrese wears a lot of hats. Born and raised in Gary, IN, her love for writing blossomed as a young child. She worked as a journalist at The Post Tribune and the Indianapolis Recorder for two years and won an award with the Indiana Association of Black Journalist before deciding to be a full time novelist.

Lover of books and a slave to the wonders of her mind, she has published seven books through First Draft Publishing, including The Prohibited Trilogy, Diary of a Wanted Woman and Burned: Deadly Desires.

She has a BA in Journalism from Butler University and is a life long member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority.

In 2012, Donnée Patrese moved to Bakersfield, CA where she and her husband raise their daughters. She is currently a member of Writers of Kern, a branch of the California Writers Club and the winner of the Jack London Service Award.

Book Reviews

"The author has you empathizing with every character, even those you first think are unlikable. I feel so attached to them now and MUST see where everyone ends up!"


" Ms. Donnee Patrese has managed to do the impossible and write an arresting first novel. Once I began reading it, I could not put it down."


" Interesting twists and turns in this novel, definitely a surprise ending! A good read. I could not put this book down."

~Amazon Customer

My Books

Diary of a Wanted Woman

Hannah Jones is a Wanted Woman. Who would have thought two major athletes would want her at the same time. One wants to wife her and give her the world. The other introduces her to the world of BDSM. Which man will she choose? Mr. Nice Guy? The Bad Boy?

Maybe she'll decide after she has tried them both.

Burned: Deadly Desires

Kimberly Lawson is the new girl at Inferno Lounge and she has something to prove. But when women start dying and no one knows who is killing them, will she be next or will the man who wants her be there to protect her?

A new romantic suspense story where the question becomes…who will survive?

Burned 2: Deadly Devotion, Volume 1

Kimberly, Kenneth and Malcolm are back and so is the Inferno Lounge. And
with the Lounge comes a new killer. More women start to die and this time
Kimberly isn't going to stand still. She's fighting back! Will Kenneth and
Malcolm get in her way or Help her stop the killer?

This sequel turns the heat up and asks the question...who will be the last
one standing?


Shannon Montgomery is a depressed housewife looking for a change. When a
strange encounter at the mall on Christmas Eve seems to give her what she was
looking for, she becomes obsessed. Will her obsession lead to murder or will
she come to her senses?

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