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When Life Gives You Lemons

My feelings on how to lose control and still be okay.

Allen Saunders said “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” I learned that though my writing is important to me and I am devoted to my craft, when life happens I have to not feel guilt about not writing, but take care of my family and other important things that come up. I had to understand that I can’t control everything.

And that is okay.

Tell Yourself you can start again tomorrow.

Nothing will last forever. Change is a constant.

Gratitude will always bring you back to yourself.

You're not in this alone. Ask for help when needed.

Keep Positive.

About Me

I’m a novelist, poet, short story writer and speaker. I was raised in Gary, IN where my love for writing blossomed. I was born a story teller and once I get into a story there is no stopping me.

Lover of books and a slave to the wonders of my mind, I encapsulate myself in Erotic Romance, Romantic suspense and Mystery.

I have published seven books including the amazing Prohibited Series.

I’m a blogger…not a jogger (I hate to run). I write two blogs, one full of short stories and one about my life, my journey to be a Buddhist and my love for writing.

I have a BA in Journalism from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN and I’m a lifelong member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. I share my baby, First Draft Publishing, with my husband.

Out of Indiana and into the sun, I moved to Bakersfield, CA in 2012 where we raise our beautiful daughters and our cat.

Book Reviews

"The author has you empathizing with every character, even those you first think are unlikable. I feel so attached to them now and MUST see where everyone ends up!"


" Ms. Donnee Patrese has managed to do the impossible and write an arresting first novel. Once I began reading it, I could not put it down."


" Interesting twists and turns in this novel, definitely a surprise ending! A good read. I could not put this book down."

~Amazon Customer

My Books

Prohibited Series

Maxine and Michael’s love has been tested. They have been through lies, lust and broken marriages. Will it survive or will lust and betrayal pull the lovers apart forever?

Diary of a Wanted Woman

Two makes a couple and three...is just in the way. When Hannah has to chose between the good and the bad...what boy toy comes out on top?

Burned: Deadly Desires

A killer is out there and no one knows who will be next.

A new romantic suspense story where the question becomes…who will survive?

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